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Allied Architecture + Design

There are three distinct, but related bodies of work that are woven through the pages that follow. Each lays claim to a particular set of architectural passions, practices and methodologies. This collective range of interests provides a rich terrain for exploring architecture from its most abstract to its most tactile, from the realm of ideas to the world of material poetics. I believe that all of our projects draw strength from the intersection of these varied interests, and their conjunction allows for design to emerge in a way that is unique to each project, but with a shared sense of fullness and vigor.

The first body of work centers around buildings, and a belief that the best manifestation of architectural content emerges through the richness of its material development. This is a central tenet of both my teaching and my practice, jointly engaged in explorations of material opportunities and possibilities and opportunities. The second body of work concerns the internal space of buildings, where the architecture acts as an entry point and organizing language for more extensive design investigations. These projects often include allied design endeavors that include furniture and exhibit design, graphic design and brand identity, murals and artwork, custom lighting and fixtures, soundscapes and site-based installations. The final body of work is what I think of as the ‘parallel practice’ that runs alongside, compliments, and invigorates our conventional practice, and is comprised of competitions, community service and civic involvement. The primary role of this effort is to engage a more pure set of inquiries which lie somewhat outside the structures of commissioned work, and to cultivate the ethos that underlies our practice.

Each set of interests and each field of endeavor informs and nurtures the others. All are wed by a conviction that architecture is a generous proposition that benefits from being informed by a broad array of passions and considerations. The sensibilities that underlie our work attempt to acknowledge that we operate in times of conflicting cultural, ecological and architectural circumstances, that we do best when we strive to understand and address disparate realms of consideration, and that this implied mediation is a rich source of content for how one can attempt to make meaningful things in the world.

Roddy Creedon